The future of fleet management:
The Smart Fridge



From temperature sensors to tracking the geo locations, energy consumption and much more.

Smart Controller

Remotely access and control of your fridge including the cooling settings

Modern API’s

Download all the RAW sensor data to your own backend for further processing.

Smart Led Lights

The led lights can be disabled or dimmed to reduce energy consumption. RGB Led colours are available as an option.


Add digital lock as an extra feature for more security.


Energy Saving

By controlling the cooling cycling and the defrost cycle and by regulating the out-of-hours cooling you can save substantially on your energy costs.

Digital Audit Trail

Have a full real-time overview and insight of your fridge fleet.

Preventive Maintenance

Track the performance of the fridge real-time with the sensors. Expand the lifetime of the fridge to react pro-actively on triggers which will result in preventative maintenance.

Remote Configurations

Set up your own rules and warnings to receive when certain thresholds are reached.

Tracking Geolocation

know the actual location of each of your refrigerators in the world. Manage your assets over their lifetime.

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Manage your fleet in your dashboard

We built a user-friendly and customisable backoffice platform with all the data & analytics necessary to manage your fleet. By setting your own rules and configuration you are now in full controll of your fridges.


Our solution in different environments


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