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Tagging tools

In order to address the inventory management challenges faced in unmanned retail environments, we offer a range of tagging hardware solutions that are designed to optimize operations and enhance your overall profitability. We understand that each setup is unique, which is why we provide personalized advice tailored to your specific needs.

manual tagging

Manual Tagging

For an easy RFID setup, we offer a user-friendly tag manager device that allows stockers to read and write RFID tags effortlessly. This device serves as a great starting point for implementing RFID technology and conducting thorough testing of the entire setup.

Tag printing

When scaling up your operations and aiming for more efficient and rapid writing of RFID tags, our printers come into play. These printers enable you to write thousands of tags per hour without requiring human interaction, thus significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency.


RFID tags

We offer a range of RFID tags that are suitable to use within our unmanned solutions: Intelligent Fridge and Intelligent Freezer. These tags have been tested and selected for the best performances. No matter what your unmanned retail store needs are, we have the right RFID tags for an optimized inventory management as we constantly monitor the market and test new tags.


Our standard RFID tags are perfect for tracking a variety of products such as wraps, salads, sandwiches etc. These tags can be attached to many different surfaces allowing you to track your products with ease. These tags can be read quickly and accurately with our RFID solutions.


These RFID tags are specifically designed to withstand microwave conditions, making them ideal for food products that require microwaving. These tags not only ensure the safety of using RFID technology in the microwave but also offer convenience. They can be easily placed on the packaging without the need for removal, simplifying the process and saving time.


Our specialised bottle tags are meticulously crafted to cater bottles and other beverage containers, with the exception of metal cans. One of the challenges encountered with RFID technology is effectively reading tags on liquid and metal. However, our innovative bottle tags effectively address this issue, ensuring seamless reading. With our bottle tags, you can apply RFID technology to a wide range of bottle types.

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Coming soon: Reusable RFID food packaging

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Pre-printed RFID tags


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Pre-printed RFID tags