Expand the life of your
unmanned solutions

Our service packages are put together to cover your needs and to prolong the lifetime of your fridges, offering comprehensive coverage, regular maintenance, and prompt technical assistance.


Available packages

Our diverse range of service plans ensure access to a worry-free and efficient refrigeration experience. See the available packages below.

Standard Service &

First 2 years


Extended Warranty &

  • Prolonged coverage of
    risks and potential defaults.
  • Additional coverage up to
    3 years.
  • Other benefits like priority
    service, expedited repairs and more.

Maintenance Contract

  • Active fleet monitoring with proactive follow-ups on hardware and software.
  • A full RFID test and cleaning service during maintenance
  • Annual maintenance visit where potential upgrades are identified and quoted.

Pay as you go service

Alternatively to the other plans, we provide immediate assistance and troubleshooting support through our Pay as You Go Service. Our skilled service technicians are available to swiftly address any issues with your fridge, performing repairs right at your location. You’ll only be charged for the expenses associated with the repairs as they are conducted. More at Technical support >

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