Developer / product

Developer / product

Our team

We are a small team of 6 people. We are soft- and hardware geeks who work closely together. After a year of developing our first product, we are ready to place our Intelligent Fridges at our customers. This means that we will receive a lot of usage information. We would like to use this to continuously improve our product. For this reason, we are looking for an entrepreneurial person, who loves to implement new features and test them.

The position

We are looking for an engineer that has a primary interest in product development. We have a team of senior back-end developers, so you will complement them by designing and trying new features. We expect you to work closely together with our customers, analyse the data and run trials. In this way you can come up with new features and you will have a lot of freedom to test them. As you will need to communicate with a lot of stakeholders, you should feel comfortable managing your time and prioritizing the work.

The tech stack we work with mainly consists of Java for backend, Javascript (React) for frontend, and Python for Data Analysis and lower level coding.

Our team currently has a lot of experience in talent development & coaching and we would like to give you the opportunity to develop your career they way you like. Perhaps you have the ambition to be entrepreneurial and manage a team. Perhaps you would like to specialize and/or learn a new skill and we will assist you in achieving this.

  • You design the features for physical products and software services
  • You implement prototypes, proof-of-concepts and Minimal Viable Products
  • You will be communicating with partners and customers and make sure that their requests are being prioritized
  • Degree Computer Science or in a related field, or relevant practical experience
  • Experience with designing software and/or technical products and services
  • You are familiar with Object Oriented Programming (Java is a pre)

We offer a creative environment for you to develop your aspirations, and flexibility in compensation based on your needs.

Interested? Send an email to with your information. Even if you don’t have the described background, but still think you can be an asset to our team, don’t hesitate to contact us!